Friday, February 28, 2014

TRUE STORY: I can't stop cheating on my wife!

From Anonymous Reader:
My wife and I  hardly ever have sex. We've been married for a year and the most we have sex is twice a month. I see her naked body everyday and I get urges, but she always gives an excuse. We had amazing sex when were dating, but now we don't even kiss. I just want to have sex. I don't mind even if it's horrible sex. That's why I've been cheating on her. 
For me, my wife's job is to have good sex with me. Simple. I can pay someone to cook for me and clean the house, but if I hire a prostitute to do what my wife doesn't want to do, then I am a bad man?
So why are women so selfish? Even if she is not in the mood, can't she try? Even if she is on her period, what happened to blow jobs or hand jobs? I need sexual release. My wife doesn't see this. Women just don't understand.

A study said that married couples have sex on average of 58 times a year. That's rounds off to a little more than once a week. This is very sad. You know the worst part? Married couples lie about their sex lives, and the actual numbers are much lower. It's the women's fault! We men are always good to go.

All I have to say is shame on all you women! Shame! You complain that men are dogs and they will always step out! Why wouldn't they step out Ehn? When you wouldn't let YOUR OWN HUSBAND STEP IN! why wouldn't they step out?

Do you even know  the worst part Linda? SHE KNOWS!!! she knows how much I love sex. Yet she deliberately, knowingly denies me. I can't tell you how many times I've laid in bed and I try to touch her and she immediately starts making excuses. So so so so so many times that I can't even count.

Then she will say "It's not easy to be a woman. I work so hard. I have to go to work and still come back to take care of the kids. I have to make dinner, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and I still have to wake up early to get the kids ready for school before I go to work." You see, If she didn't stop my sexual advances every night, then maybe I would actually get up and help her.

Women need to try this- Wear something sexy, ride your man like a cowgirl, and give him a blowjob like you're trying to suck out diamonds from his tube, then what will you ask him+ for that he will say no? Maybe for her sex doesn't matter, but it matters to me.

Then she will complain when I go out to get it from Nnenna, then she starts disturbing my life that who is Nnenna? Nnenna is the woman who is doing what she is too lazy to do.
I love my wife and kids, and I will never leave them. .But for me, Nnenna is the assistant wife, she will have sex with me so that I don't have to be shamelessly begging my wife everyday for what she is supposed to give that she keeps denying me"
This is how men think. I didn't know it until my marital sex life died, but from now, this is how I will start thinking too.  Please help me I a bad man?

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