Thursday, May 01, 2014

Malaysia Flight: Debris In Colors Of Flight Spotted 1,000 Miles FromTakeoff

Malaysia Flight 370 Debris Found

The mystery behind the disappearance of MH370 continues to deepen every day. British marine archaeologist, Tim Akers, has been studying Australian waters off Perth for years — and believes he found debris of the Malaysia Airlines plane about 1,000 miles from where it took off.

About 3,000 miles from the current search location, Tim Akers, 56, took satellite photos of what he believes to be debris from MH370 off the coast of Vietnam, as it is the same color of the plane that went missing on March 8. See the shocking satellite photos here.

Malaysia Flight 370 Debris — Found Off Vietnam Coast?

“The problem with the debris field in the Southern Ocean is that it has to be considered — what other material could be mimicking the debris?” Tim said, according to MailOnline. “The only material that could be giving off signals randomly and persistently and multi-coloured debris is remnants from the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 which is still trapped in currents.”
Tim was studying the waters off Perth for years to try and find the HMAS Sydney — a lost WWII ship. In his searches, he found the debris that had the same colors of the Malaysia flight that disappeared.
Tim, who is referred to as an independent researcher with the National Maritime Museum, is confident that this needs to be looked into.
“There’s no question it could be anything else, because aircraft parts are very distinctive,” he said. “Having seen the oil rig worker’s report of the crash and NASA’s satellite images of the area it would seem strange the Malaysian authorities have dismissed the area out of hand. Logically they should have checked it out by aircraft at low altitude and by a surface warship, but it looks like they chose not to. That in itself is very odd. Fortunately the water there is shallow as it’s on the continental shelve and there will be debris all over the sea floor.”

Will Authorities Check It Out?

However, we’re curious if the Malaysian authorities will even check it out.
On April 29, Australian geophysical survey company, GeoResonance believed they also found debris in the Bay of Bengal, but authorities refused to check it out because it was 3,000 miles from the current suspected location.
“I think that we have been looking in the right place,” Angus Houston, the head of Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC), told Sky New Australia. “I’m confident the aircraft will be found.”
We’re hoping they will definitely check this one out, as any lead could be a good one.

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