Thursday, December 05, 2013

Mel B Wants A Spice Girls Reunion/Residency In Vegas, But VictoriaBeckham Is NOT Having It!

spice girls las vegas residence mel b wants victoria beckham opposed
Oh noes! Posh just put the kibosh on the best idea EVER!
Mel B recently admitted to the (spice) world that she intended to organize a Spice Girls reunion!
She in fact already spoke with Geri Halliwell about trying to snag a possible Britney-esque Sin City residency for all the girls!
AMAZEBALLZ, right!? That would totes spice up our lives!!!
Unfortunately, there is still one MAJOR snag!!
Victoria Beckham is 100% uninterested in a Spice Girls reunion!!!
She said as much last year and seemingly hasn't changed her mind! Sources close to Posh recently revealed:
"Victoria feels she won’t have the time or desire to work on performing live again.”
Uggh!!! No!!! We know she's totally busy bending it withBeckham and everything, but a Spice Girls reunion would be soooooo AH-Mazing!!
We wonder if this actually has to do with Posh and Scary's alleged feuding at the London Olympics?!
Either way, we'll tell you what we want (what we really really want)...
We wanna, we wanna, we wanna, we wanna, we wanna really really really wanna make this Las Vegas thing happen!

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