Thursday, December 05, 2013

MAG: Simon Cowell Banned Lauren Silverman From The X Factor Set

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According to OK!Simon Cowell has banned baby mama Lauren Silverman from “The X Factor” set.
“He needs ‘me time’ when he gets to work,” a so-called “source” tells the outlet.
The OK! insider says, “Meanwhile, she really wants to be a bigger part of his work life, and has surprised him several times. She was crushed and embarrassed when Simon told her he wasn’t happy, and asked her to never do it again. He called his driver to take her home.”

Silverman is also allegedly upset that Cowell “still speaks to many of his exes — some of whom are regulars at his offices,” explains the magazine.
“But they are from that world and she isn’t,” says the OK! source. “She doesn’t understand that Simon can’t concentrate with her around, asking questions.”
Maybe the magazine should start asking better questions itself.
OK! has written sensationalized stories about Cowell’s professional life before, and this report is just another example.
Cowell’s spokesperson says the Silverman story is “completely made up.”

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