Friday, December 06, 2013

J.Lo to Marc Anthony You Can Have Your Name Back ... I'm Cool with Mine

1205_jlo_marc_anthony_gettyJennifer Lopez only wants one thing out of her divorce from Marc Anthony -- which is still going more than 18 months later -- and that's ... her old name. 

J.Lo just filed her legal response to Marc's petition, and according to the docs her legal name is still Jennifer Muniz ... which is Marc's real last name.

Marc and Jennifer's petitions are identical on custody issues -- both are asking for joint legal and physical custody of their twins -- but in her docs, J.Lo requests the court restore her former name -- Jennifer Lopez.

J & M got married in 2004, officially separated in 2011, and Marc filed for divorce in April, 2012. 

So, why did J.Lo drag her feet on filing a response? 

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