Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Pope Has Been Sneaking Out Of The Vatican At Night.. To Do What?!?

pope francis sneaks out at night wenn doodle
Alright. It’s official. Pope Francis is the coolest pope EVAH!!!
Not only has he kinda sorta stuck up for gay rights AND made us gush at his way with kids, his latest move just upped his cool factor by like, a million!
Turns out, the Pontiff has been secretly sneaking out of the Vatican at night in disguise!
Relax, he’s not heading out on the streets of Rome to party his holy ass off. He’s actually dressing as a regular priest to meet and serve the homeless!
ZOMG! How cool is that?!

Pope Francis tried his best to keep his late-night volunteer work under wraps because he’s not one for publicity. In fact, he’s done away with just about all of the fanfare of his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI!
No more fancy red leather loafers.
No more golden-threaded robes.
And instead of the ornate throne, Pope Francis prefers to sit on a simple wooden chair!
All of those changes have given the Holy Father the nickname,
“The Pope of the Poor.”
We rather call him Pope Awesome the First!
[Image via WENN.]

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