Saturday, December 07, 2013

Ryan Seacrest Spent $1 Million On New Invention That Turns Your iPhoneInto A Blackberry! See It HERE!

ryan seacrest cell phone wenn doodle
Did Ryan Seacrest just make his most brilliant career move ever??
No, he’s not hosting a new game show or producing a new reality series. He’s getting into the cell phone business!
With the impending doom of Blackberry clearly on the horizon, Seacrest realized that the days of having a physical keyboard on your phone could soon be over!
He also realized that like him, there are SO many people who carry two mobiles with them at all times - a Blackberry for typing emails and an iPhone for all the other things in your life.
So why not invent a product that can give your existing iPhone a fully functional keyboard, almost identical to the one on your Blackberry?
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Typo iPhone Keyboard!
RyGuy invested one million bucks into this invention and after two years of research and product testing, he’s finally ready to introduce this new gadget to the public!

Ch-ch-check out the demo video below! It might just blow your mind!
The add-on retails for $99 and also acts as a security case. It’ll be available for sale starting in January.
Looks pretty AH-Mazing but…we have one question. How does one get to the ever important home button?!
We’re impressed, Mr. Seacrest! And if we had to guess, we think that pile of money that you already sleep on is about to get much bigger after this thing hits store shelves!
TYPO PRODUCTS - iPhone Keyboard Case from Typo onVimeo.
[Image via WENN.]

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