Friday, December 06, 2013

Kendall Jenner is Stinking Gorgeous [PHOTO]

1206_fish_launch_selfieIn case you were wondering -- I know I was -- the girl on the left is actually Kendall Jenner, and not Kim Kardashian. Crazy, right?

The one on the right is Kylie Jenner, but you probably already knew that, since Kylie's look is pretty locked in and definitive at the moment -- and there's no mistaking her for any of the other Kardashians or Jenners ... these days, at least. 

Kendall, however, looks more and more like her older half-sister Kim as the days go by, as she becomes fully ensconced in being 18 legal years old and able to do -- ahem -- whatever it is she wants with her body and physical appearance. 

Looking good, ladies. But especially you, Kendall. Goodness, that is one pretty face.

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