Saturday, December 07, 2013

Miley Cyrus commits the ultimate offence and twerks Santa at KIIS FM’sJingle Ball [PHOTOS]

Close your eyes please children
Close your eyes please children

It was to be expected really – it’s Christmas, so what’s a lass like Miley Cyrus to do? Write a list to Santa telling him what a good girl she’s been all year and asking for some lovely gifts as a reward?
A girl like Miley gets her legs and butt out in a pair of high cut knickers and crop top with fur cuffs and writhes against Santa’s crotch while sticking her tongue out.
Because Miley is not good.
She took her twerking to KISS FM’s Jingle Ball at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles and the only sweet part of her performance was her candy cane microphone.

It looks like Miley managed to get herself quite a randy Father Christmas too and he seemed to take great pleasure in watching Miley’s rear wobbling about on his groin.
She Tweeted “Bad Santa” along with a snap of herself feigning shock while holding her microphone in between his legs. We take what we said about it being sweet right back.
It’s this kind of behaviour that provoked Noel Gallagher to say he thinks Miley has put back female artists by five years and she should channel her energy into song writing rather than tush writhing.

Bad Santa
That is not what candy canes are for Miley!

He told Rolling Stone magazine: “"I think there's a trend, unfortunately, in the game, at the minute, of girls desperately trying to be provocative or desperately trying to - in inverted commas - 'start the debate' about some old sh*t or other.
"Because, really, they're not very good. We have it in England regularly, and you have it in the States.
"I feel bad for 'em. It's like, 'Write a good song. Don't make a provocative video - write a good f**king song.'
"That'll serve you better, I think ... It's a shame, because it puts all the other female artists back about f**king five years.”
Noel went on to say that anyone can shock and it’s not a sign of talent.
"It's just embarrassing. Be good. Don't be outrageous. Anybody can be outrageous!
"I could go to the Rolling Stone office and sh*t on top of a boiled egg, right? And people would go, 'Wow, f***ing hell, that's outrageous!' But is it any good?
"No, because, essentially, it's just a sh*t on top of a boiled egg."

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