Saturday, December 07, 2013

These Naturally Conceived Identical Triplets Are Super Rare! Happens Only Once In A Million!


It's a family affair that's very rare! A Sacramento couple welcomed identical triplets last week in a totally natural and organic way! Hannah and Tom Hepner now have AbbyLaurel and Brindabella whom the mother conceived and gave birth to without the use of fertility drugs.
The odds of that happening are usually one in a million!
Here's what one doctor's estimate was:
"It's hard to calculate a conservative estimate. One in 70,000 that would be on the low end, the high end is one in a million."
The mama isn't think about the odds though - she's just thinking about the three amigos in her life now!
She said:

"It's everything at once. I think you can get lost just staring in their faces. But it's overwhelming to think about everything to come."
Although they are a godsend, delivering identical twins and especially triplets is super dangerous! It's because the fetus' can sometimes transfer blood to each other, something which can affect their growth!
Here's how one doctor described it:
"The blood vessels that come from the umbilical cord can mean too much blood flow to one fetus and not enough to another. I worry more about the identical twins more than fraternal twins."
It's also dangerous for the mommies. The doctor said:
"Mom starts getting high blood pressure and it gets so high she could have a stroke. It's a delicate balancing act, keeping the babies inside as long as it's safe for them."
Wow! That sounds intense!
We're just glad these triplets came out safe and sound!
There's nothing better than healthy and adorable babies!!!
[Image via AP Images.]

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