Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Miley Cyrus: No Boyfriend, No Friends, Living Alone — Twerking Pop StarIs More Lonely Than Ever

Teenage Boy Arrested After Sneaking Into Miley Cyrus' Dressing Room In Nebraska
Miley Cyrus is making headlines front and center, but behind the scenes a source exclusively tells RadarOnline.com that the twerking pop star is more lonely than ever.
Cyrus, 21, moved out of her parents home — Tish andBilly Ray — when she was just a teenager and dated hunky Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth for three years beforebecoming engaged in 2012, but ended it for good after many breakups in Sept. 2013.
In fact, Cyrus even admitted to Barbara Walters in a special interview following the tumultuous breakup with Hemsworth that she was “so scared of ever being alone” that she stuck it out with him longer than she should have.
“Being alone has always been a fear of Miley’s, and she tried to pretend after the split with Liam that she enjoyed her newfound freedom — but the fact of the matter is that she’s painfully lonely,” a close source to the “Wrecking Ball” singer told Radar.
“Now she’s living alone in this big empty house, no boyfriend to speak of, and when it comes to friends she doesn’t have any real meaningful connections. She’s surrounded by party people or friends of convenience.”
Cyrus is currently on her “Bangerz Tour,” which the insider told Radar is keeping her mildly sane right now.
“Being on her tour helps a bit right now because her backup dancers, singers and crew are keeping her  time being…but the tour ends in June. Then what?” the source added.
“Miley’s lonely and whether it looks like it or not, she’d like to find a guy to settle down with.”

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