Friday, April 25, 2014

15 Best Celeb Twerk Videos Of All Time (VIDEOS)

amber rose
The art of twerking has reached new levels in recent years, thanks to everyone from Rihanna and Ciara, to Nicki Minaj and of course, Miley Cyrus.
A phenomenon that many people wanted to leave in the year 2013, twerking just seems to keep popping up in our lives because of social media and today’s sexiest, booty-bouncin’ celebs.
This week, Instagram was set on fire because of three bodacious women: Kaylin Garcia, Nicki Minaj, and Amber Rose.
It was as if there was a competition going on between the three.
But they aren’t the only celebs whose twerking capabilities are out of this world. Check out more of the best celebrity twerking videos EVER below, and tell us who you think is the best.
1. Oh Muva! Amber Rose shut Instagram down with her recent twerk video. Wiz is a lucky, lucky man.

2. Kaylin Garcia hit ‘em with that right, left alright.

3. Bet you don’t even notice that a new Nicki Minaj song is playing in the background.

4. BadGalRiRi made one of the best twerk tracks out there with “Pour It Up,” so it’s no wonder she loves twerking.
And from another angle.
5. Coco twerked for the lovely ladies of The Real talk show. Adrienne Bailon and Tamar Braxton got all of their lives!
6. Teyana Taylor posted this recently and deleted it after creating havoc on social media. Why? Maybe she was “Paranoid.”
7. Iggy Azalea showed that her “Fancy” assets put in work.
Iggy azalea
8. Beyonce can’t wait til she gets home, so Jay Z can tear her cherry out.
beyonce twerk blow
9. The highlight of Nicki Minaj & Ciara’s “I’m Out” video? This moment right here.
nicki minaj ciara
10. Draya Michelle proves she’s a Fine Ass Girl. Literally.
11. Kim Kardashian had sister Kendall record her twerking in the pool.
Kendall’s P.O.V.
12. One of Kim’s besties, Blac Chyna, took twerking to a whole ‘nother level.
13. Deelishis from VH1′s Flavor of Love twerked in a skin-tight skirt to some Flo’Rida.
14. Tahiry is too fine to hide her twerking skills as much as she does!
15. We had to include Miley because admit it, she did make twerking mainstream to those who’d never heard of it. 

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