Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All The TRUTH About T.B. Joshua's Wife Evelyn

Meet Evelyn, the beautiful woman who is the next most powerful force behind the popular pastor, T.B Joshua, a workaholic and a wonderful counselor who complements her husband.

Pastor's adorable wife is also a minister at the Synagogue Church. Once she said in the interview she counts herself very lucky among women to have T.B Joshua as a husband.
Interestingly, no one knew about the existence of this beautiful wife of controversial pastor until she was revealed and interviewed some few years ago.
Many people wondered who the better-half of the bearded pastor was not until she came out in the open.
Even though Evelyn is an attractive and gorgeous woman, the things of the world do not attract her so much and she just loves being moderate with the way she puts her clothes together.

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