Tuesday, January 28, 2014

OMG! Not a baby but a bag of Snakes

Nothing Grabs Your Attention Like a Bag of Snakes
Whenever you see a bag moving, you automatically assume the worst. However, few could've predicted that a moving bag spotted outside of a garage in Brooklyn was filled with snakes
According to the New York Post, an employee at Boerum Hill's Finest Towing and Autobody Inc.saw a green bag moving. Suspecting there was a baby inside, police were summoned. However, officers from the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit were shocked to find three Boa constrictors that were each "in excess of 4 feet long."

DNAinfo claims that there were "at least" three snakes, and that they were found inside of a "knapsack and two plastic grocery bags in the garbage." They also note that one of the snakes was six-feet-long. Whatever the official snake count and the circumstances of their discovery, snakes are never a pleasant find.
The snakes were placed in the care of Animal Care and Control, which will assist in finding them homes. 
[via New York Post and DNAinfo]

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