Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teenager Kills Himself So His Family Can Afford His Elder Brother'sMedical Bills

After his brother's death, Honghui (pictured), 23, had a kidney transplant; doctors say he will live
Funan county, Anhui province, central China - A young man killed himself to ensure that his elder brother recovers and lives.

Until they were diagnosed with kindey failure in summer 2010, the brothers were top of their class in school, and the family were about to finish building of their new house.
The elder brother, Honghui, was diagnosed first, and doctors said that only a kidney transplant could save his life. Just as the family were starting to come to terms with the harsh reality, Hongtao was diagnosed with the same condition.

The boys' father was not the right tissue match, while their mother fell seriously ill after all the calamities that befell them and was considered inadmissible as a donor.
Chuanyou and wife Zheng Tingxia sold everything they had including their brand-new, almost-finished house, but still had to borrow money to travel around the country in a bid to find a medical solution. Teachers and friends of the two boys managed to raise quite a large sum for further treatment, but it was not enough. In order to continue the treatment to keep the boys alive, the parents even began begging on the street.
Seeing his parents' struggles, the younger brother Hongtao locked himself in his room, drank pesticide and died in agonies.
He left behind a note saying, "Having both of us is ruining you, I hope now that you will be able to concentrate on my brother and save his life. When he survives as I know he will, I simply want him to say to me I made it, and I will be content.
This selfless act soon became a national sensation, and donations flooded in into the family's account. At the end of 2013, a suitable donor was found. Honghui, now 23, has successfully undergone a kidney transplant and is expected to make a full recovery.

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