Sunday, January 26, 2014

Justin Bieber Is Dependent On Steroids According To A New Report!

Justin Beiber may be taking steroids
Guess he wanted to look good on those Panamanianbeaches!
There is a new report floating around that the six-pack absJustin Bieber has been sporting lately are the product of steroids!
A source revealed that JB has been using Clenbuterol, which he started using to gain muscle definition. Apparently, horses also use the stuff. Weird.
Anyway, the source went on to say:
“As well as drinking and smoking weed, Justin's been taking steroids to give himself a six pack. His physique had gone from boy-like to muscled in a very short time and his mood have become wildly erratic.”
While it’s not impossible, we’re a bit skeptical of this! Afterall, Justin has been loud and proud about working with his trainer to get in shape.
And aren’t people on steroids usually huge? Like, massive? JB is toned, but he’s not really ‘ripped’ and 'shredded'!
[Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram.]

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