Monday, January 27, 2014

O.C Ukeje - I Will Never Go Nude Or Play Same Sex Roles On Screen

Some Nollywood actors became popular after they played same sex roles in movies. But multiple award wnning actor OC Ukeje says he won't do that, not even for an Oscar award.
Here's what he said in an interview with YNaija:

  • Is there anything you wouldn’t do on screen?
Absolutely. I do not think I can play same sex roles
  • Even for Oscar glory?
Even then. I know that right now, it is easy to say but from where I stand, it is a tall order for me. It is just my personal value system and much as money is good and glory is great, at the end of the day, they are not everything. The most important thing  is your own peace of mind and the ability to live with yourself afterwards. I may like to compare myself with my international counterparts but the truth is I was raised in a different culture. They are a lot more liberal.

  • What about nudity?
Also as far as nudity goes, I have seen films where there was nudity and that is the last thing you remember about the film because it was done very, very professionally. First of all, I don’t think anyone wants to see my black butt on screen because in the business of film making aesthetics are very important. The picture has to be fine. Darker skinned people just do not play as well nude, on screen.
  • Wow! Isn’t that subscribing to some form of racist mentality?
I don’t think so. Have you seen Will Smith naked before?
  • No but I think that is only because he does not do those kinds of movies. Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle have all done nudity at some point.
Not complete nudity. I am not subscribing to any skin colour superiority but I think that in film, everyone wants a beautiful picture. For the last film I made, because I have spots on my back, the director wanted me totally covered up so every time they needed me bare-chested, they used make up to cover all the spots. The percentage of open-minded people is very negligible. I was in ‘Hoodrush’ recently and when some promotional pictures were released, my hairy body was a big topic on social media, with people insisting it was not a pretty sight. Because of that, I have learnt to shave down to my legs.

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