Monday, January 27, 2014

Mass Wedding Of Gay Couples Steals The Show At The 2014 Grammys

This year, the Grammy Awards wasn't just about the music, they were also about making a political statement in the same-sex marriage debate currently dividing much of America and all of Nigeria.

In a turn of events heavily hyped in the hours leading up to the CBS telecast, 34 couples - both gay and straight and of different ages and ethnicities - exchanged rings and said "I do," as officiated on stage by Queen Latifah.
Actress/rapper/talk show host Queen Latifah was recently deputized by Los Angeles County to
legally conduct wedding ceremonies and will sign the marriage certificates for each couple.
Singer Madonna later joined the matrimonial moment in an all-white suit, singing a portion of her heyday hit "Open Your Heart

The group wedding ceremony was met with extreme support and an emotional standing ovation by the Grammy crowd, with the likes of Keith Urban even caught teary-eyed by the roving camera.


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