Thursday, February 06, 2014

NEW VIDEO Of President Obama Meeting Half-Brother For 1st Time InDecades Emerges

Never before seen video of President Obama meeting his half-brother in 2008, the first time they had seen each other in two decades, has emerged. The short clip shows Obama and Mark Obama Ndesandjo embracing in 2008 on the night of the presidential race. It was released by Inside Edition on Tuesday.
“How are you? Good to see you,” Obama says as he embraces his sibling, slapping him on the back six times. “How you been, man?” “It was amazing,” Ndesandjo told “Inside Edition.” ”We just laughed and we hugged each other and we were brothers.” Ndesandjo is the President’s younger half-brother. According to Buzzfeed:

The two share the same father, Barack Obama Sr., who married Ruth, a Jewish school teacher from Massachusetts after they met at Harvard in 1964. Barack Obama Sr. divorced Ann Dunham only a few months earlier, when the future president was two years old.
Ndesandjo has released an autobiography, Cultures: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery, which tells his story of growing up in Kenya with Barack Obama Sr., who he says was an abusive alcoholic.
His mom eventually left Barack Obama Sr. and later remarried, which is where Ndesandjo gets his last name.
Ndesandjo went to Brown University, got a Masters from Stanford, and an MBA from Emory University.
Ndesandjo, who moved to Shenzhen, China in 2002, flew from the country to visit his brother in 2008. Since their reunion, the brothers met at the White House in 2009. They met again when Obama visited China later that year.
Sorry. We can never get enough of those puppies.
SOURCE: Inside Edition, NY Daily NewsBuzzfeed | VIDEO/PHOTO SOURCE: Inside Edition, White House

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