Friday, February 07, 2014

PHOTO: Young Female Judge Strips Naked On Office Desk & Gets Fired

A Female High Court judge has been sacked after she stripped off naked and laid down on her office desk to relax and bask in the sun.

CAUGHT: Bosnian judge was just relaxing on her desk but bosses said it was 'unacceptable'

The judge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was spotted in her office at 8am where she was seen exercising in the nude before lying down on a table, either to catch her breath or to enjoy the warmth of the sun through the window.

The incident happened last summer but came to light only today when paperwork about her actions was leaked to local media.
An inquiry at had been set up after the naked judge was photographed by another early riser working at the council offices across the road from the court in Sarajevo.
The picture had been published at the time by local media, which had not identified her identity.
The inquiry revealed her as a senior judge. The matter was referred to the disciplinary commission of the Supreme Court.
She was fired after it ruled her behaviour had "damaged the image of the Supreme Court.
Her behaviour as a senior judge was not acceptable," a report added.
However, the judge said her office door had been locked, and she was entitled to exercise as a way of warming up for the day ahead.
She said she had not expected any staff to be in the building opposite at that time.

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