Friday, February 07, 2014

PHOTO: Kim Kardashian Posts Her Pre-Baby Boob On Instagram!

Kim Kardashian has her followers ogling over her latest boob-filled throwback Thursday Instagram!
Nothing like a good ol’ #tbt photo to show of your breast assets!
Which is exactly what Kim Kardashian decided to do yesterday when she posted a throwback Instagram pic of herself on set of a photo shoot.
Her caption said:
"#tbt calendar glam"
...and nothing else!
Along with her sparse amount of words came a sparse amount of clothing; only a fringed leather jacket and bikini bottoms covered up her X-rated body parts!
Fortunately for her followers, the jacket with NOTHING underneath was parted to reveal a whole lotta side AND underboob.
Not a bad Thursday, LOLz!!
[Image via Instagram.]

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