Thursday, February 06, 2014

Tom Cruise Sued For ONE BILLION DOLLARS Over "Illegally Written"Mission: Impossible Script!

tom cruise billion dollar lawsuit mission impossible ghost protocol script
Timothy Patrick McLanahan, an apparent screenwriter, is suing Tom Cruise and the other producers of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol for one billion dollars.
Yes, $1,000,000,000 -- that's nine zeroes!
He says the action flick, which made almost $700 million at the international box office, ripped off a script of his calledHead On. He claims he noticed the similarities in scripts were "immediately recognized" and now he's demanding a 10-figure sum!!!
Timothy's court-filed paperwork revealed:
"Because the Ghost Protocol film generated close to $1 billion, I am asking for this amount in damages."
Whoa, talk about a Lawsuit: Improbable!
Mr. Cruise isn't the old defendant being sued, either. The screenwriter's lawsuit also names Paramount Pictures and a slew of other production companies responsible for MI4.
Do U think this guy has a solid case or will it self destruct?

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