Thursday, February 20, 2014

RARE CONDITION: Woman Allergic To Water

Twenty-six-year old Rachel Prince, who is suffering from a rare water allergy condition, has been trapped indoors by the torrent.
Rachel, who is the artist, suffer from Aquagenic pruritus, which means even a drop of rainwater causes her to break out in a red rash that feels as though her skin is on fire.

Strange as it is, but even a single drop can cause a long-lasting allergic reaction, which means she cannot leave the house without an umbrella 'in case it does suddenly rain'.
The poor lady, from Ripley, Derbyshire, lamented:
"I've been staying in a lot lately which is so boring and depressing as I want to go out but I just can't - it's not worth the risk."
According to the representative of the British Association of Dermatologists, they don't know for sure how many people are allergic to water, adding that it is an extremely rare condition.

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