Monday, March 03, 2014

23 Reasons We Love Ellen DeGeneres.. GIF

How do we become best friends with Ellen?
Ellen DeGeneres is definitely the coolest vegetarian lesbian in the world and we're pretty much in love with her. So you can imagine how excited we are to see her host the Oscars!
Anyway, here are 23 reasons we absolutely love Ellen:
1.The Ellen DeGeneres Show just dominates daytime television:
2. Its won 33 Daytime Emmys and Ellen has personally won four times for Outstanding Talk Show Host ... because she's awesome:
3. Ellen is rarely upset:
4. When she laughs, her whole body is laughing with you:
5. And she's always dancing:
6. No really, she loves to dance:
7. She is great at scaring people:
8. And forces them to do ridiculous things, like that time she sent her producers into a haunted house and taped it:
9. But sometimes she makes dreams come true; remember when she brought in a sloth for Kristen Bell to play with?
10. And when she basically gave careers to Sophia Grace and Rosie:
11. She even had Michelle Obama doing push-ups on the show:
12. Her wardrobe seriously must be so comfortable:
13. She has said she doesn't despise anyone because it's a waste of energy. Amen:
14. Ellen and her mom are super close, and it's adorable:
15. Her obsession with Oprah is amazing:
16. She walked around the Warner Brothers lot handing out free margaritas one day:
17. And she is a major advocate for gay rights and talks about what really matters in life:
18. She voices one of our all time favorite cartoon characters:
19. Her and Portia make the greatest couple ever:
20. Seriously though, how lucky is Portia de Rossi?
21. Ellen even created her own app based off a game from her show called "Hands Up" and it's very addicting:
22. Basically Ellen can do no wrong:
23. And when we found out she was hosting the Oscars again, we were like:

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