Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Busted: Miley Cyrus Is Using A Teleprompter During Raunchy Performances On Bangerz Tour To Remind Her Of Her Own Lyrics!

It’s not the most shocking thing to hit the stage with Miley Cyrus, but fans attending her Las Vegas show over the weekend were mortified to learn the 20-year-old twerking sensation needed a TELEPROMPTER with her OWN lyrics to her songs.
Only weeks into her 60-show “Bangerz” concert tour and between thenaughty sexual gestures she makes on stage and the reportedly low ticket sales, Cyrus is also struggling to remember the words to her own songs!
“I was at Miley’s Vegas concert and took these pictures because I couldn’t believe she needed a teleprompter with lyrics to all of her songs throughout the entire concert,” one concertgoer told Radar.
“And it’s not like they were just there for nothing — I caught her looking at them more than a few times!”
Cyrus, who has smoked marijuana on stage during one of her shows and has bragged about her love for drugs like weed and ‘molly’, might want to focus more on remembering they lyrics to her songs and keeping the focus on her voice.
“The show was entertaining, but she didn’t sound great,” the source said.

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