Wednesday, March 05, 2014

PHOTOS: Student Bought School Bus and Turned It Into Cozy Mobile Home

As a graduate architecture student, Hank was tired of seeing architecture projects that never left the drawing board.

So when it came time to come up with a final project, Hank bought an old school bus into and turned it into cozy mobile home.

Together with his brother and a friend, spent 14 weeks converting it into a modern, well-designed mobile home that can host up to 12 people complete with beds, a kitchen, a bathroom and two skylights.

The kitchen consists of a pump sink with plans for an on-board refrigerator and gas cook stove in the future. Rounding out the list of home comforts is the small portable bathroom in the back of the bus.

Most of the furniture in the bus is modular, so it can be moved, stowed away or converted to different functions.
The queen-sized bed can be made into a seating or dining area, and most of these modular pieces of furniture also include storage space.
He's currently taking the bus for a spin across America to check its viability as a mobile living space in different environments, from national parks to major cities.

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