Monday, March 31, 2014

Kardashians Beg Judge: Don’t Spill Our Moneymaking Secrets!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is an art — at least according to the Kardashians themselves – and they don’t want anyone to know just how they do it! has learned that the reality TV family recently asked the judge in the ongoing lawsuit over their Khroma makeup line to seal court documents that contain details about how they make their deals.
“The documents contain confidential information regarding the licensing practices of the Kardashians and what they consider when licensing their intellectual property,” court documents obtained by Radar state.
“Such information is extremely valuable, and could be used by other licensors and competitors of the Kardashians to their advantage. The Kardashians take steps to keep such information confidential.”
As such, the documents, filed on March 26, state, “the Kardashians respectfully request the Court seal all unredacted versions of” the documents in question.
The judge in the case bought their argument, and “ordered that the filing documents are to be filed under seal,” according to the documents obtained by Radar.
As Radar has reported, the Kardashians and Boldface Licensing + Branding are being sued by businesswoman Lee Tillett for allegedly ripping off the name Khroma for their Kardashian Khroma makeup line. After Tillett filed the lawsuit, Boldface changed the name to Kardashian Beauty.
The Kardashians recently filed documents in the case asking the judge to dismiss them from the lawsuit, claiming they were just the face of the product and had nothing to do with its distribution.
In fact, Kim Kardashian said in a deposition that she was “not really good at” choosing foundation shades and left that to the “experts.”

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