Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bruce & Kris Jenner: Don't Be Mistaken ... We're 100% Separated

 and Kris Jenner may still be wearing their wedding rings ... and occasionally even be touchy feely ... but they are NOT back together.
Kardashian family sources are scoffing at reports the couple rekindled things in Thailand. 

We're told they don't hate each other.  It's actually the opposite ... they're still close.
That said ... they are leading very separate lives.  As we previously reported Bruce has had it with Hollywood and is living alone in Malibu.  Kris is cranking out more shows at her home base in Calabasas.
As for Bruce's comment at LAX Thursday -- insinuating they were never separated -- well, everyone tells a little white lie occasionally.  
As for both of them wearing their rings again after a hiatus ... they both consider them "friendship rings."


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