Monday, March 17, 2014

Kid Cudi Disses Drake: He’s Just A Materialistic Rapper

Is a new hip-hop feud on the rise? Kid Cudi seemed to fire an opening salvo on March 14, taking a shot at the content of Drake’s lyrics while on ‘The Arsenio Hall Show.’ Whose side are you on?

Kid Cudi has long been known as an emotional lyricist who focuses more on his inner feelings than the opulence and flashiness of the hip-hop lifestyle, and now he’s going after the rappers who do boast about money, cars, and girls. His first target – Drake.

Kid Cudi Disses Drake On ‘Arsenio Hall’

Cudi said the “braggadocio, ‘money, cash, hoes’ thing is dead,” and that it’s holding back hip-hop culture while on The Arsenio Hall Show on March 14. The rapper testified that he’s had a much deeper mission with his music from day one: “All I wanted to do was help kids not feel alone, and stop kids from committing suicide. “
That’s when Kid Cudi decided to lighten the mood by throwing Drizzy under the bus, saying that if he rapped about all of his possessions, “there would be no Drake.” Ouch!
It’s a pretty pointed and thoughtful comment, even if you don’t agree with it, because Cudi and Drake have pretty comparable styles and backgrounds. But it’s also a huge shot at Drake and his ego, as Cudi is basically saying that the only reason Drake is successful is because he left the market open by rapping about emotions and suicide instead of Bentleys and strip clubs.
That sort of diss — discrediting a rapper’s achievements — isn’t going to fly with any emcee.

Drake’s Previous Rap Feuds

But this isn’t Drake’s first feud, so Kid Cudi better strap in. The Nothing Was the Same rapper had an epic face-off with Chris Brown that centered around their relationships with Rihanna. The two actually came to blows and fought at NYC nightclub WIP in the summer of 2012. They then exchanged disses on a pretty regular basis before squashing their beef in Oct. 2013.
Aside from that legendary showdown, Drake has also had a short-lived Twitter feud with Future, and a diss exchange with Kendrick Lamar, so the guy’s pretty experienced.
And he’s never one to ignore a slight, so we wonder how he’ll respond to Kid Cudi’s comments. What do you think? Do you side with Cudi or Drizzy? Let us know!

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