Monday, March 17, 2014

Kim Kardashian’s Bloody Face & More: The Weirdest Celeb Instagrams

Weirdest Celebrity Instagram Pics

The beauties in Hollywood pretty much always use their Instagrams to showcase how gorgeous their lives are, but once in awhile, stars like Kim, Lena Dunham, and Lady Gaga shock us with some seriously horrendous, weird, and gross pictures. See the ones that really ruined our appetites below!

Hey celebrities, have you heard of the acronym “TMI?” It means “Too Much Information,” and we ask because you all seem to have a penchant for posting pictures that really cross the line between interesting and inappropriate. Kim KardashianLena DunhamNicki Minaj – you know what we’re talking about!

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Bloody Face

Kim K is the queen of TMI, so we’re used to it, but there are even times when her oversharing gets to be too much for us. One of those times was in March 2013 when the then mother-to-be posted her latest beauty secret —vampire facials.

It was pretty much what it sounds like — a process in which a patient’s own blood platelets are injected into the skin to give it a more youthful appearance. But the process is grueling — and extremely gross. So when Kim posted a selfie of her extremely bloody face, we couldn’t handle it. We didn’t go to any salons for months.

Some other celebs have clued us into their weird beauty habits, like Girls star Lena Dunham, who showed theaftermath of her cupping therapy in March 2014. Cupping is an ancient treatment that supposedly increases blood flow, providing circulation and easing pain in the neck and back. But it really leaves a nasty picture, as we saw when Lena posted her selfie!
Besides awkward, gross beauty shots, there have been a few other examples of weird TMI-esque posts from celebs, like Alexander Skarsgard‘s naked trip to a toilet in the middle of the South Pole, Nicki Minaj’s horrendous 2013 Halloween costume, and Wiz Khalifa‘s explicit display of affection with Amber Rose.
So what weird Instagram post shocked YOU the most?

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