Monday, March 17, 2014

Rihanna & Drake Officially Dating: He’s Calling Her ‘His Girlfriend’

Drake Rihanna Dating

It is on! After months of flirting and sexy dates, Rihanna and Drake have finally decided to take the next step in their relationship — and a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Drizzy has not been afraid to announce it to the world!

It was only a matter of time before Rihanna and Drake decided to make their relationship exclusive, and now that they’ve finally made the leap, the couple is really letting the world see their love. Though the news of the couple’s official relationship wasn’t reported until March 16, we learned that Drake’s been bragging about it for days, and when he and Rihanna went to Zouk Tea Bar & Grill in London on March 13 he wasn’t afraid to call RiRi his girlfriend!

Drake Now Calling Rihanna His Girlfriend

When Drake rolled into Zouk with Rihanna, he immediately introduced her as his GF, the owner of the bar and grill told exclusively.
Even though RiRi and Drake have been going on romantic dates since October, neither ever gave an inch about their relationship, often leaving clubs and restaurants separately in an attempt to hide the love that was blossoming between them. So the fact that Drake didn’t hesitate to introduce Rihanna as his girlfriend to a stranger is huge! It really shows how serious he and Rihanna are now.
After dropping the big G-word, Drake and Rihanna went on to have a five-hour-long dinner date at Zouk, the owner also told us exclusively. “They were talking and quite relaxed, just enjoying the night out” he said. After the couple ate, they hit the dance floor, where they cozied up to each other as Drake’s album, Nothing Was the Same, played.

Drake: How He Won Rihanna’s Heart From Chris Brown

Getting Rihanna to move on from her passionate relationship with Chris Brown and commit fully to Drake was not easy, but the rapper was patient, another source told exclusively. Not to mention loving, caring, and respectful!
“He stood by — patiently I might add — while she was with [Chris],” said the source. “All he did was stay back and watch. Rihanna made her choice back then and while it didn’t work out in
the end, he still loved and respected her.”
Drake never made things about Rihanna’s past with Chris — his only concern was the Unapologetic singer’s happiness. “Drake doesn’t even speak on that situation, really. He’s just real happy that she’s on her feet and smiling” the source added. “He knows that what he has with Rihanna is genuine and real.” We know it too!
So what do you think, HollywoodLifers? Are you glad Drake and Rihanna finally made their relationship official? Let us know!

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