Tuesday, March 18, 2014

'Sex Means Nothing To Me' – Nigerian Singer J’odie

Singer J'odie (real name Joy Odiete) released her debut album 'African Woman' with the successful single 'Kuchi Kuchi'. J'odie still has that church-girl demeanour after almost seven years in the industry.
In recent interview, the Delta State born soul singer speaks about her rise to fame, her pains in the industry and her relationships.

About J'odie: She is from a Christian family; her parents are still married. She is from Delta State, an Urhobo girl, although her mum is Edo.
Her parents didn't bring her up in a social way - she grew up in a strict Christian home. Her father is a Bishop while her mother is a Reverend. All she knew as a child was church, school and home. So, the life she had as a child didn't reflect her choice of career which is music and entertainment. She is still a little conservative but her music is bringing her out gradually.

About inspiration: Inspiration can come from anywhere. She is an emotional and deep thinking person, so, a lot of times, anything that happens around her can get into her head and songs can come from there. It can come anytime too, like when she is just waking up from sleep and maybe a dominant thought will form into a sound. When it comes, she either writes it down, or picks up a phone and sings into it.

About admirers and success: "As a lady, if people admire you, you have to appreciate them. I believe that how you carry yourself determines how men will treat you. If you act in a way that allows people to take advantage of you they will, but if you don't allow that it will not happen," J'odie said.
"Success is not changing me, the kind of work I do is changing me. I told you earlier that I am an introvert. I am only trying to be more social and interactive because of the kind of work I do. I have to be more careful with the way I do things, be more diplomatic. I care about things I normally would not care about," she continued.

About ideal man: "I want a man that is my friend; someone who will stand by me and be there for me. It is hard to find a friend in this dangerous world we live in, so I need a friend. Show me your friend and l will tell you who you are. With your friend in your life, there should be a large room for compatibility. To sum it up, instead of saying he should be tall, slim, short, fat and all, he should be my friend, one l can relate with without inhibition.
About sexual relationship: "Personally, to me, it is wrong because I am not married. I am not condemning those who do it; this is just my personal opinion. I really should not have an opinion on sex because I don't have any experience. Sex means nothing to me, so I can't get into a relationship just because of that," she stated.

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