Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Relatives Of Passengers Of Missing Aircraft Threaten To Go On Hunger Strike Over No Information

Relatives of passengers of a missing flight MH370 threaten to go on hunger stike demanding information on missing aircraft from Malaysian officials.

On Tuesday, the relatives of Chinese passengers aboard a missing flight threatened to start a hunger strike as no information has been revealed over the aircraft.
Wen Wancheng, father of one of the passengers said: "Now we have no news, and everyone is understandably worried. The relatives say they will go to the (Malaysian embassy to find the ambassador."

The regular meeting between the officials of Malaysia Airlines and family members of missing passengers at the hotel in Beijing was held.
"The Malaysian ambassador should be presenting himself here. But he's not," Wancheng said after the meeting.
According to the reports, 154 out of 239 passengers of the flight were Chinese.
Relatives of missing passengers are writing placards reading "Respect life. Give us back out families" she was the one who told reporters about the hunger strike.

"Since they haven't given us the truth about those people's lives, all of us are protesting," she said furiously.
"All the relatives are facing mental breakdowns," she added.
Wen also added that some of the relatives of missing passengers stopped going to the meetings with the officials, considering how long they had been waiting for information.
"It doesn't mean giving up," Wen added. "It's normal to return home. Like me, I have been out for a long time."

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