Thursday, February 13, 2014

'I Caught My Wife Cooking With Her Vaginal Discharge' - Husband Reveals

A man was arrested and dragged to court for allegedly beating his wife in Zimbabwe.
The man, Fresh Ndlovu was said to have caught his wife Pretty Sibanda sitting on a container, collecting vaginal discharge which she would have mixed with the food which she was cooking as a love potion.
According to reports, Ndlovu who is not sure if it was the first time his wife had made an attempt to lace his food with love potion, returned home at about 7 p.m. after a drink with his friends and bumped into his wife in the diabolic act as he didn't see the need to knock before entering.

The puzzled man quizzed his wife what she was doing, and Pretty, who was caught unaware, could not give a satisfactory answer.
Fresh, who had taken one to many alcohol at the bar immediately became sober and gave his woman a thorough beating.
Fresh initially accused his wife of attempting to kill him but the woman after realising that this accusation was more serious than her real intention, she decided to tell the truth. She opened up and told her husband that she had been instructed to make him eat food laced with her vaginal discharge so as to strengthen their marriage. Further angered the man continued bashing her. She then escaped rushing to a neighbourhood watch committee member where she reported the matter.
The cop accompanied her to the police before Fresh got arrested.
Fresh was hauled before Binga resident magistrate Mr Shephered Ndlovu facing domestic violence charges and he was remanded him. The magistrate also advised the complainant to produce a medical report.

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