Sunday, February 09, 2014

HORRIBLE! 6-Day-Old Baby Kayden Was Kidnapped By Aunt Who Faked Her OwnPregnancy (VIDEO)

Briana Marshall’s worst fear came true when her 6-day-old son Kayden was kidnapped from her house this past week. Fortunately, baby Kayden was found alive and healthy inside a tote bag near a gas station, but it was discovered that his kidnapper was a family member.
Kayden’s aunt, Kristen Smith, was arrested yesterday for kidnapping her own nephew during those few painful days, and police say that she could have done it to add to a pregnancy she was faking.
The site reports: FBI acting special agent G.B. Jones said at a news conference the West Branch police chief heard the newborn crying and discovered the child swaddled in blankets in a tote bag outside a gas station. Authorities say the child appears to be in good condition. 

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