Friday, October 25, 2013

PHOTO: Earth's most breathtaking landscapes

Source: dailymail

A new pictorial volume from the world travel experts at Lonely Planet puts a new and unique perspective on some of Earth's most inspiring scenes.
Looking up from the bottom of Utah's majestic, rust colored Bryce Canyon National Park shows the park, for those who've been there, as its never been seen before.
Among striking shots of an ocean feeding frenzy and Aurora Borealis is a panoramic view of London and Big Ben at dusk that proves human landscapes can be just as breathtaking as those from mother nature.
The title of the book, Lonely Planet's Beautiful World, does not disappoint.
This sampling of the book's 200 or so scenes that depict precisely what makes Earth a living masterpiece is sure to leave you wanting more.

More photos after the cut..


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