Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Drake's Abrupt Concert Cancellation

Okay fans, so this might actually be legit!
We know Drake royally pissed off his audience in Philadelphia on Saturday by first making them wait for an hour and a half and THEN canceling the concert due to an ominous "technical issue"...
But it might've been for a good reason!

The Take Care singer's staff was scared the catwalk that hovered over the stage would fall into the crowd!
Talk about the most extreme case of stage fright EVER!!!
Drake walks back and forth on the catwalk during the show, and not having it properly set could've been tragic!
Luckily, his people have taken care of it, and there's no risk for injury!
We get that fans were especially upset, but taking the safe route was the only way to go!
Source: Perez

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