Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Anne Hathaway Breaks Down On Stage With Hubby During Dramatic CancerSpeech!

It's been a quiet year for awesome Annie, at least since winning herOscar back in February!
She & hunk-tastic husband Adam Shulman stepped back into the limelight this weekend, however, for a cause they felt was too important to ignore!!
Anne Hathaway gave a speech atThe Beverly Hilton on Sunday for the Victory Fund Champagne Brunch and she actually ended up crying on stage!!!
In fact, her inspirational words pretty much choked up the whole audience!
While introducing Dr. Beth Karlan, Anne said:

"On a personal note, Dr. Karlan helped a beloved friend of mine…excuse me. She helped a beloved friend of mine battle cancer recently and I couldn’t be more grateful to her. Dr. Karlan, you are more than just my friend’s doctor. You’re a friend and ally. And I’m happy to say that together you kicked that cancer’s ass."
Aww! We're happy she's happy!!
Speaking of things that make everyone happy, Anne and her hubby recently celebrated their one year anniversary!! Congratz!!
[Image via WENN.]

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