Friday, October 25, 2013

Kanye West Writing His Own ‘Deep’ Wedding Vows To Kim Kardashian

Who knew Kanye was such a romantic? Not only is he planning every detail of his wedding to Kim, but he also wants to honor his bride-to-be with special vows written ‘straight from his heart’, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kanye West wants everything about his grandiose wedding to Kim Kardashian to be unique, so it’s no surprise that the Yeezus artist is planning to pen his own heartfelt vows to express the depth of his love for her during the ceremony. Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Kanye West Writing Wedding Vows To Kim Kardashian — Yeezy Penning ‘Deep’ Vows Say what you will about Kanye, 36, but you can always count on him to tell you exactly how he’s feeling. That’s why he wants to make his commitment to Kim, 33, with his own genuine words.

“This is very special to him and he wants to make sure everything goes down the way he wants it. He’s already been writing his vows, too — that’s how seriously he’s taking it,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.
So what can we expect to hear from Kanye?
“It’s not going to be anything corny. It’s going to come straight from his heart and it’s going to be real,” the source says. “It’s going to rhyme, know that. That’s just how he is. But it’s going to be deep and once he’s done writing them, and saying them to her, he’s going to keep it tucked away in his wallet for the rest of his life.”
How sweet! We can’t wait to hear Kanye’s powerful words to Kim. Can you?

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Wedding — He’s Planning Every Detail By Himself

Kanye has decided to take everything into his own hands to make sure his and Kim’s wedding will live up to his high standards.
“He’s doing everything, from the music, to how many guests, to the cake — the whole shebang,” a source close to Kanye told EXCLUSIVELY. “Kim doesn’t mind either. She knows Kanye likes to sit back and take control of things. She loves it — it gives her time to be beautiful and chill out.”
It sounds like Kanye’s got it all figured out!
Now it’s your turn to sound off. Do you think it’s sweet that Kanye is writing his own vows to Kim? Let us know!
Source: Hollywood life

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