Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chris Brown & Karrueche: Split Argument Left Her In Tears

Is this the end for Chris and Karrueche? After the friends with benefits had a blow-out fight about whether Karrueche should move back in with Chris, she ended up storming out in tears!

One of the main reasons Chris Brown likes Karrueche Tran so much is that she is laid-back and doesn’t push him for commitment. So when Karrueche asked Chris if she could move back into his house on Oct. 21, he flipped and accused her of not being “grateful” for everything he already does for her, a source Read on for all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Why Did Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown Break Up? — The Fight That Left Her Crying

Chris, 24, and Karrueche, 25, had a good thing going, but it all seemed to fall apartwhen she tried to take things to the next level.
“Karrueche basically wants to move back into Chris’ house and be there and lay some roots down. She’s wasn’t trying to suffocate him or have him on lock,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “In her mind, it was just a baby step, one that she’d already done before. Chris took it the wrong way.”
“He got really mad and told her, ‘Why can’t you just be happy with what we got?’ and ‘Why are you always trying to ask for more and more? I do all this sh*t and you’re not grateful,’” the source adds. “He thinks she’s trying to use him and that’s not true. I’m 100 percent when I tell you, she’s no user.”
Poor Karrueche! How could Chris think she would do that to him?
“That made her cry and she was devastated that he would say some sh*t like that and she left,” the source reveals.
Chris really cares about Karrueche, but he seems to be afraid of getting too serious with her, the source says.
Chris acts out and this is his way of dealing with his feelings with any girl who wants to get close. He’s not good with his emotions and he doesn’t know how to act. Yeah, he flies Karrueche around the globe, he’s put her on point in the fashion world, and my girl is so thankful for all he’s done. She knows that. She thinks it’s one big misunderstanding and loves him and she’s sure that they’ll be back on good terms once all this drama boils over.
We hope so!

Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Split?

Chris has been very noncommittal to Karrueche, a source told EXCLUSIVELY.
I mean, they’re friends with benefits and have been for a long time now. Yeah, they kiss but that’s PG compared to what they do behind closed doors. They are very ‘go with the flow.’ They don’t need to be boyfriend/girlfriend, they just like being around each other in and out of the bedroom.
Nevertheless, he is clearly very fond of Karrueche, rapping about her and saying: “And ain’t none better than my Asian” on DJ Khaled‘s song “I’m Still.”
But after their huge fight, Chris and Karrueche unfollowed each other on Twitter, and it looks like Chris tweeted about the end of their relationship on Oct. 22:
Back turned walking away from the situation. Hamisheh asegh!
“Hamisheh Asegh,” translates to “perpetual lover,” which could mean that Chris sees Karrueche as a lover and nothing more.
Meanwhile, Karrueche appears to be dealing with the split by taking some alone time. She tweeted on Oct. 24:
'Suiho-en'.. Garden of Water and Fragrance.. Needed some time to myself so I came here.. It was… 

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