Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Apple Co-founder Comes To Nigeria

Apple's Co-founder Steve Wozniak will be coming to Nigeria in an effort to inspire lots of Nigeria's technology aficionados but also management experts as well as policy makers in the public sector.

The story of the Apple Corporation can never really be fully told without acknowledging the role of its co-founder, "the other Steve", Steve Wozniak. Even though the company is best associated with marketing, strategic and design wizardry of Steve Jobs, the other co-founder, the truth is that Apple and indeed the PC industry would not be what it is today, but for the genius of Steve Wozniak. Wozniak was the main designer of Apple I and its sequel, Apple II.
The Apple organization which the two Steves founded is credited with revolutionizing the personal computer industry. In a remarkable shift from the status quo, Apple II was designed to be usable by just about anybody.

It incorporated a central processing unit, a keyboard, a floppy disc drive and very importantly, colour graphics. No longer did you need to have knowledge of programming language to use a computer. The combination of the colour graphics and the user-friendliness actually made the act of using a computer, "cool". Little wonder, therefore, that Apple II quickly became the first commercially successful line of personal computers.

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