Saturday, March 01, 2014

Mississippi Man Pronounced Dead Wakes Up In A Bodybag At Funeral Home

In the closest thing we’ve ever heard of someone rising from the dead, a 78-year-old Mississippi man named Walter “Snowball” Williams, pronounced dead by the coroner, woke up INSIDE his own bodybag, and we’ve got the details for you right here on
Williams was pronounced dead in his Lexington, Ky. home by the coroner Wednesday evening at 9 p.m., when he showed no signs of a pulse.
“I stood there and watched them put him in a body bag and zipped it up,” the man’s nephew Eddie Hester told WAPT-TV.
He was being kept at the Porter and Sons Funeral Home when he came to, and began kicking to free himself from the bag. Funeral workers got the shock of their lives reporting to work the next day, when the man they had scheduled to embalmwas showing signs of life.
He was taken to a hospital and pronounced in stable condition.
“I asked the coroner what happened,” Holmes County Sheriff Willie March told the station, “and the only thing he could say is that it’s a miracle.”
The coroner later said he believed that a glitch in Williams’ pacemaker was responsible for the false reading.
Outside the medical facility, the man’s family rejoiced, and sang spiritual hymns, about the unlikely chain of events.
The man’s nephew said that he was thrilled to be alive Thursday.
“I don’t know how long he’s going to be here, but I know he’s back right now — that’s all that matters,” Hester said.

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