Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Muhammed Ali's Boxing Gloves Sold for $837K (PHOTOS)

Muhammed Ali's gloves, worn 50 years ago, when he won world title for the first time from Sonny Linston were sold for $837K.
The boxing gloves worn by Muhammed Ali 50 years ago when he won the title of a World heavyweight championship for the first time, were sold in New York for $836,500 on Saturday.

Muhammed, then known as Cassius Clay, won his title from Sonny Linston, it was in Miami Beach, Florida, in February 1964.
The gloves were kept in private collection of his trainer Angelo Dundee right after the legendary match, until his death in February 2012. After that they remained at his son, who decided to sell them on 50's anniversary of the fight to help pay family medical bills. Part of the money is promised to the Muhammed Ali Foundation.
The buyer wished to remain anonymous.
Estimation price was $500,000, however the interest of the buyers has shown that Muhammed Ali figure is still very interesting.

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