Friday, November 22, 2013


The man Jim Ovia needs no introduction whatsoever. He is one of the richest Nigerian ever, in fact he is one of the top 40 richest Africans. He is reportedly said to be worth conservatively close to a Billion dollars. With massive investments in real estate, banking, communications, recreational center etc. 

The astute business man from what we have just heard has major plans in the pipeline to increase is investments and worth incredibly in the next few years. On going as we speak is a multi-storey office building project where the former La Casa Lounge/cigar bar used to be, the imposing office building is at the Lagoon front on Ozumba Mbadiwe in-between the Civic center & Caverton Helicopter office opposite the Law School. 

According to the gist the next in line to be built on the same axis not far from one of his properties -the Civic center, is a 5-star hotel, the hotel is most likely going to be called the Lagos Marriot or Marriot Hotel, Lagos, which we hear would give all other hotels on the island and by extension Lagos a run for its money. One of the unique features of the upcoming Marriot Hotel from the gist we could gather is the super sized, super luxurious event center that would be built in it. The idea is that the Civic center is too small for some types of events, so need to build a bigger more prestigious event venue. 

The third project that we have heard that is uppermost in the heart of this great businessman and investor is the building of the biggest mall in Nigeria and most probably Africa. According to our bird in the air. This 3rd project is planned as a colossal one and it also planned to be built along the Ozumba Mbadiwe axis, where Mr. Ovia is said to own massive acres of land from where the office complex project is currently on going right now to somewhere close to where Cactus is right now, some even speculate that the landmass stretches further than we are thinking. 

All things been equal all of this projects are planned to be on ground in the next 5 years at most. See vision oooooo. Opportunity to employ thousands of people from the labour market.  

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