Friday, November 22, 2013

Nollywood Actress Uche Ogbodo Confirms She Is Married: Finally Opens UpAbout Her Husband

It has been previously reported that Nigerian actress Uche Ogbodo secretly got married to an ex-footballer.
In a recent interview with Encomium magazine, she finally admits the story is true and that she did have a traditional marriage ceremony. She also added that she might have a white wedding ceremony before the year runs out.

Not just that, she also opens up about how she met her husband at friend's party a year ago and how she believes he will be her husband as soon as she saw him.
Excerpts from the interview below:
On marriage rumors:
Yes, it is true that I am married.

On how it feels to be married:
It is God's blessing. It is a thing of joy, everybody prays for it.
On why she wanted a secret wedding
We have done everything we need to do, the main ceremony will take place soon. Most likely before this year runs out, the white wedding will take place. So, I cannot say I had a secret wedding per se.
On how she met him:
I met him in Nigeria, at a colleague's birthday. Immediately I saw him, I knew he was my husband. It is more than a year ago now.
How he approached her
He stood and was staring at me. He told me something said he should just talk to me and he did. We introduced ourselves, I told him I was an actress, that was it.

More about him
His name is Apo. He is from Anambra State. He is an ex-footballer based in the United States of America.
On if marriage will affect her acting career
He knows I am an actress. I told him immediately I met him and he likes what I do. He supports me career wise. He understands what is happening in our industry, he is in full support.

Why she chose a UK-based man
Men that have travelled far and wide know what is happening in the industry, he is exposed. He has mingled with people from other cultural backgrounds and with different people. A lot of Nigerian men don't really understand what is happening in the industry, most especially if they are not into entertainment. He too is into show business as well. So, he understands the terrain. I think it is quite easy that way.
He has mingled with a lot of show business stars, he knows as an actress, I have to mingle with friends so I can get movie roles. I have to kiss in movies and I can be away for some days. So, it is a good thing to have someone who understands you.

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