Friday, November 22, 2013

Matt Smith joins thousands of fans in London to celebrate Doctor Who50th anniversary

Matt Smith joined the thousands of Doctor Who fans that have descended on east London for a three-day celebration of the show, ahead of its 50th anniversary.
Dozens of doctors - in fancy dress from every era - rubbed shoulders with tinfoil cybermen, daleks and endless aliens. Around 24,000 people are expected through the doors of the Excel centre in east London over the weekend for the Official 50th Celebration.

Mike Green, who came dressed as the David Tennant version of the timelord, said: "It's taken a long time to get the outfit right and I wouldn't like to say what it cost but I'm on my fifth suit."
The 29-year-old from Bedford said: "There is a great social scene and you meet up with friends who dress up as well and meet new people. Its a real community."
Alan Bentley said his costume was a tribute to several doctors and included Matt Smith's coat, Sylvester McCoy's jumper and Tom Baker's scarf topped off with a stove pipe hat.

Fans Gather To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of Doctor Who
Luckily no fans were exterminated today, that we know of

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Wendy Taylor, 50, from Harwich in Essex, said she was not "a really big fan" but had dressed as a dalek anyway.
She said: "This is perfect because everyone looks at the costume and not at me."
The event includes interviews with dozens of the show's cast and crew through the years and a chance to go behind the scenes and see how it is made.
The current doctor - Matt Smith - who will star in tomorrow's 50th anniversary episode said the fans made him realise how much he will miss the show when he leaves at Christmas.
He said: "I'm going to miss it terribly. I really will miss it, God it's a really unique rare thing and it just compounds how much I'll miss it when you come to stuff like this."
* David Tennant and Matt Smith will both star in the 50th anniversary special episode, The Day of the Doctor, on Saturday 23 November at 7.50pm on BBC One

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