Friday, November 22, 2013

New Dubai landmark: 150m high iconic structure to capture old and newDubai in a frame

Dubai Frame will become one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Dubai, attracting around 2 million visitors per year from across the globe, according to Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General, Dubai Municipality.
The work will start next month and is expected to be ready for tourists by the second half of 2015, he said.
“We have opened tenders and will be giving the assignment to the apt contractor according to our plan. We are looking forward a unique architectural landmark that matches to the global status of 
Dubai,” Lootah said.

“We expect it will bridge between the past and future of Dubai and may become a name that is attached to Dubai like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab,” he said.

Lootah said, Dubai Frame, or Barwaz Dubai in Arabic, which will be erected near Star Gate of Zabeel Park, will be a huge window-frame like structure that frames old Dubai at one end and the new, advanced Dubai at the other. It will be 150 meters in height and 93 meters in width. Viewers can see the ever-expanding and developing Dubai that lays on both sides of Sheikh Zayed Road from one side and the localities that reflects the history and tradition of Dubai like Al Karama , Umm Hurair and Bur Dubai from the other side.

According to him the ground floor of the giant frame will house a gallery that tells the story of Dubai including history and how the city emerged as one of the global leaders through its journey starting from the 60s, using most advanced technologies of presentation.

The upper part of the frame will be made of glass; so the viewer can enjoy the beauty the city from all the sides. Viewer will as if he is walking through the sky given the transparency of the walls on both sides as well as the roof and floor.

From the ground floor a panoramic elevator will take visitors through one side to the heights
where he can enjoy Dubai fully and directly including the projects in coastal area, high rise buildings like Burj Khalifa, high roads as well as the old Dubai.

It is learnt that the design of the project came through an international competition in which more than 1,000 designers and engineers participated.

The Frame is a unique idea that profiles a city’s past and future at the same time and with splendid aesthetic and architectural charm it will definitely contribute in thriving tourism economy of the emirate.

“Apart from offering best and globally acclaimed municipal services, adopting policies and executing projects that support the business and tourism sectors of Dubai also come within our strategic vision,” he said.

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