Friday, November 22, 2013

Lamar Odom Buys Shots For Entire Bar In Rhode Island! Maybe The TripIsn't A Good Thing!

lamar odom rhode island bar shots
Just today we said that we were hopeful that Lamar Odom's journey to his alma mater in Rhode Island might be a good thing!
You know, being away from the lifestyle, friends, and paparazzi -- also while letting his marriage cool while he gets his life back on track?
Well, after hearing that, it turns out he bought an ENTIRE bar a round of shots last night, so it looks like we might have been completely wrong! The bar, including a multitude of college ladies, even got a pic of him and his new alcohol-loving friends!

We guess being the life of the party is no different whether or not you're in an LA hotspot or in RI trying to get your life back on track. At first he said he couldn't take pics with anyone, then bought the entire bar shots of Hennessy.
If you've forgotten, Lamar is trying to stay sober. We mean, we THINK he is! This is the kind of behavior that would make us think otherwise!
The source says he DID buy the shots, but did NOT drink a drop himself, which we really hope is the case!
Why tempt yourself, though??

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