Friday, December 27, 2013

Bill Gates Is Building A Piss-Powered Cellphone

bill gates urine powered phones technology crazy
Golden shower? That's so 20th Century! How about a golden cellphone plan?
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is investing in an engineering project that hopes to make cellphones that are fueled by human pee!!
We know what you're thinking -- someone must be taking the piss! This CANNOT be real!
Well, someone is taking the piss, all right! Scientists are taking it and converting it into energy to potentially charge smartphone batteries!
How would it work?
Ch-ch-check out the explanatory vid...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Pee-powered technology is a real thing? AMAZEBALLZ!!!AMAZEURETHRA!!!
These days, when your favorite celebrity pees on you it's completely uncool, but a few years from now R. Kelly andJustin Bieber might actually be doing the world a favor when they drain the lizard all over objects and people that were never designed to be peed on!
Ha! We just hope people remember to wash their hands afterrecharging their phone!

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