Saturday, December 28, 2013

Justin Bieber Dethrones Beyoncé On Billboard's Social 50!

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Justin Bieber may not be number one at the box office withBelieve, but he's number one somewhere else!
After the release of his Journals, the popstar made his way to number one on Billboard's Social 50 chart, dethroningBeyoncé of her top spot!
If you're unclear what the Social 50 chart is, it basically measures where artists rank on all their social media platforms, so, it looks like JBieb's "retirement" freak out allowed the star to rise up in the ranks!
Billboard breaks it down and explains how JB got his groove back, they said:
Bieber’s rise back to No. 1 is fueled by a promotion blitz across all social media channels. Frequent updates promoting Journals and a "complete my Journals" deal through iTunes on Instagram lead to a 31% rise in post likes on the platform. This positive reaction from fans was mirrored on Facebook, where a 25% rise in conversation about the artist on the platform leads to a 1.8 million new fans on the platform, a 56% increase over the previous week.
The Biebs should thank his lucky stars, team for all that hard work!
Let's see you work harder now that you're back from that short retirement of yours!

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